Credit Repair Course
You must first complete Credit Report before taking this course.

The Wealth Builders Credit Repair Course

The Wealth Builders Credit Repair and Restoration Course contain lessons that cover:

  • Improving your credit outside of disputing
  • Removing items from your credit report
  • How to tackle your student loans

Make sure you have completed the Credit Report course and have a complete understanding before taking this course.


Tyquan Burney

CEO + Credit Educator

  • Experience: 9 years
  • Specialist: Credit Education and Credit Repair/Restoration
  • Instagram: _wbburney


Improve Score Without Disputing

This lesson covers creating a plan to decrease your debt and how to improve your credit score without disputing

5 minutesWatch
Remove Items From Report

This lesson covers how to remove and dispute derogatory items from your credit report

64 minutesWatch
Build Strong Profile

This lesson covers how to build a strong credit profile after derogatory marks have been taken off

25 minutesWatch
Student Loans

This lesson covers how to consolidate, refinance, lower payments, and or remove student loans

27 minutesWatch


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